So happy with my newly decorated soaping room!

I have always used a dedicated room in my home for my soap making, but it was a little lacking in storage and work areas. So over the summer holidays I decided to clear out my soap room to give it a make over and re-decorate it.

This was no easy task either......but I am so pleased with the results. There is still some more organising to do and some of the drawer units are still empty as I am still to sort out certain ingredients etc. However, it is getting there and I am often in my soap room in the evenings happily making a new soap or wrapping up orders.

soap room


So my room has all been repainted a nice clean and fresh white,the ivory wall units were already what i had before along with the white shelves for storing made soaps etc underneath. I now have a new lovely long white work top with lots of storage units and cupboards underneath. The work top is a great size for me to be able to make quite a few batches of soaps or shampoo bars at once. Plus I can now easily wrap all my products and package orders as everything is now to hand.

The other side of the room has more storage containers/units for moulds,packaging etc but will eventually have some more shelves on the wall and possibly another work top. This will give me even more space especially when my product line increases.


soap room

soap room

So in all the chaos and busy few weeks of redecorating,re-organising and being in a bit of a mess was all worth it in the end. Having everything all stored in the one room makes life so much easier. I used to have a lot of my boxes and packaging stored upstairs in my spare room or my labels and things stored in my front room under my computer desk. So you would need to keep going and getting different things from different rooms when wrapping products or making up order. Now its all in the one room :)

Oh and the extra storage and additional units have been a total lifesaver....I was running out of room rapidly.

I can now make,wrap and package all my products in my revamped room,music on, singing away.....I am in my happy place!


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