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Over the last few months we have made a lot of new changes to our packaging to make our products as eco-friendly as possible. Packaging and how we wrap our products can be a hard thing to get right. It's a case of not only trying to protect the products,keep them hygenically protected so they reach you in good condition but also that the products still look nice and presentable. This balance between still being practical,affordable,looking good and also eco-friendly has taken a while to figure out but we hope we have found some really good solutions.

A lot of our soaps or solid shampoo bars are in clear cellophane bags/shrink wrap. These bags are completely natural and made from cellulose which is 100% biodegradable. This cellulose is derived from renewable wood pulp and these bags make a great eco-friendly alternative to any plastic bags. The cellulose bags we buy are made in the UK and will protect your products as well as having no adverse affect to the environment. This is what the cellulose packaging looks like in the picture below.

Cellulose eco-friendly packaging


Another form of packaging we use are Eco-Wrap papers. This paper is made from recycled paper and is completely biodegradable. This eco-wrap allows the soap or shampoo bar to 'breathe' but protects the products as well. The eco-wrap comes in different designs and we think our products look lovely when wrapped and labelled. All of our larger solid shampoo bars are wrapped in eco-wrap as well as some of our soaps. The picture below gives an example of our products wrapped in eco-wrap packaging.

eco friendly packaging


We also still continue to use kraft soap boxes which are made from paper so these are easily recycled and our smaller solid shampoo bars also come in paper bags which again can be recycled.

karft soap boxes, solid shampoo bar packaging


When you receive your parcels they will come in cardboard boxes and we wrap all products in brown kraft paper. This kraft paper is also used to pack out the boxes to protect everything so that your order gets to you in perfect condition. No plastic bubble wrap is used in any of our parcels.

Lastly, any of our gift boxes,gift bags and gift sets are made from either cotton,jute or other eco-friendly material and are from sustainable sources.

We hope our customers are happy with some of our new changes to our packaging and we are trying to do our bit to be as eco-friendly as possible and reduce the use of unnecessary plastic. The less plastic waste we can produce the better it is for our beautiful planet and our precious sea life.

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