Great hair with Apple Cider Vinegar!

apple cider vinegar

Great for any hair type!

So what are some of the hair benefits of using apple cider vinegar -

  • Balances the hair and scalp. This is due to apple cider vinegar being naturally high in acetic acid and it has a pH level which is close to the pH of human hair.

  • It helps cleanse the hair and remove any excess residue of grease,oil or dirt left on the hair.

  • It works as a very good de-tangler and helps make combing/brushing the hair much easier.

  • It helps smooth the hair and reduce frizz.

  • You may have less breakage and split ends as the hair is easier to brush causing less hair damage.

  • Adds shine to the hair due to the apple cider vinegar helping to smooth down the hairs cuticles.

  • Apple cider vinegar is also good for scalp issues,such as dandruff,as it has antimicrobial properties which help to kill fungus and bacteria.

The best Apple Cider Vinegar to buy -

Look for one labelled either 'raw','organic' or 'unrefined' and most importantly 'with The Mother'. This will look slightly cloudy and may seem as though there are bits or sediment at the bottom....the is known as 'The Mother' and is the important colony of beneficial bacteria.


How to do a hair rinse with Apple Cider Vinegar -

  • Take a small jug or similar and fill with water.

  • Add 2-5 tbsp of apple cider vinegar to the water and mix in. (You can find what ratio works best for your hair)

  • Once your have shampooed and completely rinsed your hair, take the apple cider vinegar mix and slowly pour over the hair (careful of the eyes)

  • Gently massage it into the hair to the ends.

  • You can then either leave for a few minutes and then rinse out or...

  • Leave on the hair and dry hair as normal.

  • Another option is to apply this apple cider vinger rinse using a spray bottle and liberally spray over the hair....either then leave in or rinse out.

  • You may choose to shampoo,then use a condioner on the hair before then using the apple cider vinegar rinse. But some people choose to use the vinegar rinse as complete alternative to using a conditioner....especially if trying to reduce plastic waste and if following the 'no-poo' method or using SLS Free shampoo products.


Please note that Apple Cider Vinegar does have a very unique smell which you may find off-putting...but be rest assured that once the hair is dry there is no lasting scent from the vinegar at all. It does not linger and will not be noticeable at all.

apple cider vinegar benefits

If you wish you can also make the Apple Cider Vinegar rinses even more pleasant and beneficial to use by infusing herbs and/or botanicals in them.

Steep your chosen botanicals of choice (options can include lavender,mint,rosemary,chamomile etc) in some of the apple cider vinegar for a week or 2.

Strain out the botanicals through fine muslin or even a coffee filter.

Now when you make your apple cider vinger rinse you can use a few tbsp of this infused vinegar to your water.

Your infused vinegar should have a shelf life of at least up to year as long as you store in a cool area and only take out what you need at the time. Do not add water to the whole mixture.

I find using apple cider vinegar rinses work fantastic after washing the hair with a shampoo bar (SLS Free) and then simply using the vinger rinse as the last rinse once the shampoo has been washed out. Then dry and style as normal. The hair is easier to manage,far less tangles and frizz and a lot smoother and shinier. This is also a far cheaper option than going through loads of conditioner, plus it is also another good way to reduce the plastic bottle waste. One bottle of apple cider vinegar,depending on what ratio's you are dilluting it with,should last you for months.


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