Great hair with Apple Cider Vinegar!

apple cider vinegar

Great for any hair type!

So what are some of the hair benefits of using apple cider vinegar -

  • Balances the hair and scalp. This is due to apple cider vinegar being naturally high in acetic acid and it has a pH level which is close to the pH of human hair.

  • It helps cleanse the hair and remove any excess residue of grease,oil or dirt left on the hair.

  • It works as a very good de-tangler and helps make combing/brushing the hair much easier.

  • It helps smooth the hair and reduce frizz.

  • You may have less breakage and split ends as the hair is easier to brush causing less hair damage.

  • Adds shine to the hair due to the apple cider vinegar helping to smooth down the hairs cuticles.