Solid Shampoo Bars (SLS Free)

Solid Shampoo Bars

So firstly what is a solid shampoo bar?

Basically it is shampoo but in solid form and therefore does not require a bottle. It is extra conditioning and far less harsh on your hair than a lot of commercial liquid shampoo's. Plus there are environmentally friendly benefits to choosing solid shampoo bars as you are reducing your plastic bottle waste.

So how do they work?

Most commercial shampoos are jam packed with chemicals that may or may not be doing the best for your hair. Ingredients like SLS (Sodium Lauryl Sulfate) for example, is a commonly used detergent that creates all that lather in the shampoo. However, for some people, this ingredient can be mildy irritating,drying or too harsh for sensitive skin and can strip the hair of its natural oils. Therefore, many people make the decision of choosing to use SLS Free products as a far gentler alternative. All of our solid shampoo bars are all SLS Free as well as vegan friendly.

Transitioning from liquid shampoo to solid shampoo,what to expect

Due to the different types of ingredients used ,your first experience using a shampoo bar may result in your hair feeling very different from when you used a commercial liquid shampoo.

Some people may feel their hair feels 'squeaky clean' or feels 'waxy' or generally just feels different. This is a very common experience for those who first start using solid shampoo bars.

This is because solid shampoo bars are not stripping the hair with harsh detergents like commercial liquid shampoos may do. They are gently cleansing and conditioning the hair and not removing the hairs natural protective oils. Usually if hair has been stripped of its natural protective oils the skin over compensates and creates more. However, if the scalp and hair hasn't been harshly stripped of its natural protective oils it can take some time for it to adjust and re-balance itself. For some people they may feel it takes a few weeks or longer to get used to using a solid shampoo bar, others at lot less.

You may need to use a conditioner after use but you may also find you need to use a lot less that before. It really all depends on hair types and what works for you.

However,like with any product, if it does not suit you then discontinue use.

Solid shampoo bars are extra condtioning and given time could help to make your hair feel softer,more manageable,cleaner and help to remove any product build up or residue on the hair.

Whilst there may not be the huge abundance of foamy lather that you experienced with your commercial liquid shampoo's, this is purely due to the lack of the detergent SLS in the bar.

How much lather your bar produces can also be down to the type of water you have hard water can make it trickier to produce a lot of lather whereas soft water produces lather far more easily.

How to use your Solid Shampoo Bar -

  • Wet your hair thoroughly

  • Gently rub the shampoo bar down the hair until you have covered all your hair

  • Massage your hair,add more water if needed, until you produce a good lather

  • Avoid excessively rubbing the hair and try to massage the hair downwards to avoid tangles

  • When you have fully massaged the lather into your hair......rinse well.

  • Ensure the hair is fully rinsed well and apply a conditioner if required. Or a simple hair rinse with apple cider vinegar is a great alternative and adds shine to the hair too. (mix some ACV with some water and pour over the hair on your last rinse. If you have never used ACV before you will notice it has a very strong rest assured this does not linger in the hair and after a few minutes the smell will not be noticeable any more.

Alternatively -

You can rub the wet shampoo bar in your hands (like soap) to get a lather and then simply apply the lather to the hair and wash and rinse as above.

How to store your shampoo bar -

Keep your shampoo bar dry after use,either covered in a container or in a soap dish. Avoid leaving it in water.

Solid Shampoo Bar

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