Our Newly Designed Labels!

For the last month I have been tirelessly working on new designs for all my soap labels. I have to admit that this was not the easiest thing for me and especially when the design programme had me stumped half the time! It also seems that I can come up with some very creative soap designs but when thinking about any other type of design my mind goes blank and I really struggle! But perseverance paid off and I finally came up with a design I was happy with and and with a look I was really pleased with.

My overall goal was to update my designs to tie in with my website and have a cleaner,neater and fresher look. So I used the website background, which is the picture of pale blue sapphires, and created a more elegant look to the labels. All the back labels have the relevant details,ingredients,PAO,social media links and so on and the front labels will have the Sapphire Soap logo, soap name (highlighted in the colour to match the soap) and the key ingredients.

The designs have kept to my branding colour of blues and just the subtle pop of colour within the soap names. So far I have received some really lovely feedback from customers about the new look, which has been brilliant to hear.

Here are some pictures of our newly designed packaging and we do hope our customers, both regular and new, are pleased with the new look and find them appealing.

New soap packaging

New soap packaging

New soap packaging


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