New Product Ranges!

Well its been a very busy few weeks but I am slowly introducing our new products. Our first new range are the Sugar Skull soaps. These are a funky new range that seem to appeal to a lot of people. They are slightly smaller than our regular soap bars but they are a perfect hand sized soap (60g) and they are sold in packs of 2. The Sugar Skull soap range are made with the same lovely recipes that are used in the regular soap ranges of their same names. In this Sugar Skull range we have Burlesque, Delicate Cottons, Oriental Lady, Juicy Apple and Tranquility. These soaps also come packaged in a lovely organza bag. All these soaps are also SLS Free and Vegan Friendly. The Juicy Apple Sugar Skull soap is also Allergen Free.


The other new range we are releasing is our Travel Soap range. These are small soaps (around 40g) that come in a small plastic pot. The soap simply pops out of the pot to use, then can be placed back into the pot to keep it dry. These will be handy for popping into bags, taking on holiday, day trips out and for anytime when you may wish to have a soap handy but need the convenience of a smaller size and a way to keep it dry after use. They will also be handy for smaller hands but just to add, our soaps are all assessed for aged 3 and upwards.

These soaps will come in a pack of 2 and are packaged in a cellophane bag which will include a card with the full ingredient listing for your convenience (as attempting to put this on the small pots would make the text very difficult to read). There will be 6 different fragrances in the Travel Soap range and yet again they will all be made with our lovely original recipes. The Travel Soap range will include Innocence, Violet Galaxy, Sweet Allure, Juicy Apple, Creamy Coconut Ice and Cleanse Your Karma.

All of these soaps are SLS Free and Vegan Friendly. Juicy Apple is also Allergen Free.

We hope you like these new ranges and they are gradually going to be made and added to our website as soon as possible.

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