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Castor Oil, also known as Ricinus Communis, comes from the seeds of the Castor Plant. The oil has a thick consistency very similar to honey and has very little natural scent to it. Castor oil has tremendous moisturising properties and is able to penetrate deep within the skin to help nourish,soften and soothe the skin. It has a pale,slightly yellowish colour and is often found in the production of soaps,lipsticks,beauty products,cleansing products,perfumes and even in food production and medicines.

Castor oil is now regarded as an incredibly versatile beauty treatment with a wide range of skin benefits.

Castor Oil

Castor Oil is rich in ricinoleic acid, which is the fatty acid that makes up 90% of the oil. The unique make-up of castor oil helps to attract and hold moisture to the skin. The triglycerides in the oil are said to have anti-bacterial properties, which is particularly beneficial in keeping the skin clean.

Castor Oil has also been said to be an effective emollient for dry skin,fine lines,wrinkles and help skin issues such as acne,and promote healthy soft skin. It is also an oil used widely for the promotion of healthy hair and nails too.


A few years ago I came across a new method of cleansing the face called the OCM......the Oil Cleansing Method. Now you can find many blog posts and articles regarding this,most of it positive,some of it negative and some of it not quite sure whether it works well or not. I think, like any type of beauty regime, its going to suit some individuals but not everybody, but I like to try things out for myself. Although the initial idea of slapping oil over my face was a bit strange at first! It involves using a large proportion of castor oil mixed with another skin loving oil and then simply rubbing a small amount of this oil over the face,and then holding a warm,wet flannel over the face for a few seconds and repeating until all the oil is soaked off. This can take a few minutes in total. The oil is said to help purge the skin and deep cleanse and rid the skin of dirt and excess oil. Mmmmm but haven't we just added more oil to the face! However, oil attracts oil, so maybe there is some basic science behind this that makes it work. After all, we wash with water and we all know that water and oil do not mix so would using some oil then help to attract that excess oil? Possibly.

Now some people that have tried this method have seen their skin get a little worse before it gets better as the skin is 'purging' but I have to say,after trying it myself, I did quite like this method. It certainly left the skin feeling a lot softer and smoother afterwards too.It was not something I chose to do every day continuously but every so often I did like this method over a few weeks at a time.

So after using castor oil for many years and looking at all its benefits and the wonderful skin properties that castor oil has and how well it kept the skin cleansed and moisturised I decided to use it in a few of my soaps. You will find Castor Oil in these soaps -

Juicy Apple

Oriental Lady

Adventure For Men

Violet Galaxy

I have provided some links below to some great articles regarding the OCM for further information.

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