The Process of Selling Soap

So after 3 years of already making soaps for myself and my family I decided to look at taking things to the next level and started my own business. Selling soaps in the UK/EU can be a complicated affair and is not the easiest thing to get started on....or the cheapest! However, the reasons behind this are to ensure that what you are selling is not only made correctly and safely but also to ensure you have used approved ingredients and used the correct and safe percentages. This means that the public can be reassured that they are buying products that are well made and perfectly safe to use.

Before any product can be sold legally in the UK or EU you first need to have Cosmetic Product Safety Reports (Certification) which is a legal requirement regulation 1223/2009.

Mine were undertaken by Scott Grainger MSc BSc (Hons) CSci CChem MRSC FRSPH, who has 20+ years experience in chemical and product safety and 7+ years in small scale manufacturing and development of cosmetics.

It can take a long time to practice,experiment and decide what your final recipe will be and what the soap design will look like but once decided you can then send that off to be assessed. This experimental stage is the fun part and does involve bombarding your friends and family with lots of soap to get their feedback! Thankfully I had lots of willing participants who were happy to help.....even my children were amazing at helping me test soaps and test out different fragrances etc.

The assessments will test for such things as physica