Shea Butter & Why I Love It


You may have noticed that a lot of my soaps contain Shea Butter. This is because this is one of my most favourite butters which I find to have some really lovely skin benefits. Shea Butter is also known as Butyrospermum Parkii and the one I use comes from from the seeds of the Karite tree native to West Africa. The Shea Tree bears its fruit after 15 years. Once the fruit is ripe the tree is harvested. The seeds from the kernals are boiled and then left to dry. Once dried they are roasted and ground into a fine powder and water is added,over heat, to make a smooth and thick consistency. Oil begins to separate and rise to the top of the mixture and this is then collected. This then sets to form raw Shea Butter.

Shea Butter has been used by cosmetic chemists for the last 30 years and more increasing research has begun to show the vast benefits of this natural butter. Shea Butter has been said to have many skin benefits which include -

Moisturising the skin,

Shea butter contains tocopherol and polyphenol which are known antioxidants, antioxidants protect the skin from damage and help with healthier looking skin,

Shea butter has high levels of triterpenes which are known anti-inflammatory agents.

Shea Butter contains Vitamins A,D & E, stearic, linoleic, palmatic and oleic acids, Potassium and Magnesium.

Shea Butter is rich and creamy and I just love how it feels in a soap. I also use Shea Butter to make body butters, lotion bars and other products for home use and love the skin benefits it has. This was one of the reasons I chose to use and add Shea Butter to a lot of my soaps because I love how Shea Butter moisturises the skin and makes the skin feel soft and healthy.

Here is a list of the soaps from our range that contain Shea Butter -


Sweet Allure



Butterfly Blossoms

Oriental Lady

Violet Galaxy

Berry Bliss

Floral Musk

Adventure (For Men)

The Shea Butter Tree is also known as the Tree of Life!

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