Information On Some of the
Key Ingredients
in our Solid Shampoo Bars


Is an excellent conditioner for the hair. It is a very good de-tangler and adds softness and shine to dry hair. Widely used in hair and skin care products.

Disodium Lauryl Sulfosuccinate

Is a very gentle ingredient,even for sensitive skin,it removes grease and is a mild foaming agent. It is also sulfate free.

Lemon Seed Oil

This oil is very rich in vitamins and minerals and has great moisture retention abilities.This makes it an excellent oil for dry/damaged hair.

Cherry Kernal Oil

Is a light moisturising oil which contains  natural antioxidants, alpha, delta and gamma tocopherols plus vitamins A & E.

Rice Bran Oil

A very nourishing and moisturising oil which is excellent for dry and sensitive skin.It is also rich in natural antioxidants.

Finely Ground Sea Salt

Sea salt is rich in minerals, including magnesium, calcium, sodium, and potassium. It is a natural cleanser and is said to help strengthen and stimulate the hair.

Argan Oil

This oil is very rich in vitamin E and essential fatty acids that are very beneficial for the hair. Vitamin E is said to promote healthy hair due to its natural antioxidant properties.Argan Oil is also moisturising and often beneficial for dry,frizzy hair helping to leave the hair feeling softer,silkier and more managable.

Coconut Oil

Coconut Oil is nourishing and moisturising for the hair and is said to help promote a healthy scalp. It is often used to help hair damage,split ends and to soothe scalp issues such as dandruff. It can also help the hair to feel soft and smooth.

Coconut Milk Powder

Rich in vitamin E and Iron,coconut milk powder is wonderfully nourishing for the hair.It contains nutrients that help promote healthy hair and moisturises,softens and helps dry,damaged hair feel silkier.

Sodium Laureth Sulphate

This is a mild and gentle effective cleansing agent (often derived from coconut oil) and not as harsh or irritating to the skin as SLS (sodium lauryl sulfate) often is.Sodium Laureth Sulphate has an excellent safety record from many scientific studies and the safety of which was evaluated by the Cosmetic Ingredient Review (CIR) Expert Panel for use in cosmetics. It is also safe for the environment as it fully biodegrades. This mild cleanser is also often used in well known baby products as well as many other hair and beauty products.

Cammelia Seed Oil

Contains high levels of antioxidants and contains vitamins A,D,E and K.

Is often used to help make hair smooth and silky.

Conditions the scalp and helps the hair feel stronger and thicker.Helps to reduce dandruff.A light,non greasy oil.Moisturising and suitable for all skin types.

-Historical Information
Camellia grows as a shrub or small tree and is cultivated in western Japan where winters are cold and dry. It blossoms all through the winter even under the snow from January to February.
The oil has been used for centuries by the Geisha of Kyoto to care and condition their hair as well as their skin.

Oat Kernal Oil

Softening,smoothing and hydrating oil.Ideal for dry,damaged or flaky scalps

Improves conditioning and helps lock in moisture.


Conditioning.Suitable for all hair types.Helps to improve damaged,brittle hair

Soothes and moisturises sensitive scalps.Can add shine and lustre to the hair shaft

Coats the hair making it easier to handle.

Chamomile Powder

Soothing,conditioning and contains anti-inflammatory properties.Can help soothe itchy,dry scalps.Improve the texture of hair.

Nettle Powder

Beneficial for dandruff.Soothes itchy scalps.Contains anti-inflammatory properties.Reduces oiliness.Helps improve dull hair.

Cocamidopropyl Betaine

Derived from Coconut Oil.Gently cleanses the hair.Mild and non-irritating.Makes a silkier,smoother lather.Sulfate free.

Tea Tree Essential Oil

Antiseptic.Helps treat scalp conditions like dandruff.Cleasing.Helps keep hair clean and healthy.

Peppermint Essential Oil

Cooling and invogorating.Soothes irritations.Stimulates blood flow to the scalp.Refreshing.Is said to help promote hair growth.

Green French Clay

Packed with minerals such as oxides,calcium,potassium,manganese,selenium and copper.Clarifying.Helps remove excess oil.Gently removes product build up,dead skin cells and improves dandruff without over drying the scalp or hair.

Lavender Essential Oil

Conditioning.Natural antimicrobial properties,said to help itchy/dry scalps.Balances sebum production.Is also said to help keep hair shiny and promote growth.