About Us

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Established in 2016.

We are a small business based in Northamptonshire UK, creating luxurious handcrafted artisan soaps,solid shampoo bars & solid hair conditioning bars. Every product has taken years of thought, research and testing to create something special and unique. All ingredients were chosen carefully to make a luxurious product that will be a pleasure to use.   

Our products are made in small batches to ensure they are at their best quality and this is why we do not hold huge amounts in stock.If you wish to purchase a larger order or any of our products are out of stock, then please contact Sapphire Soaps to discuss making to order.

We are passionate about being as eco-friendly as possible and use a wide variety of plastic free and eco-friendly packaging to compliment our products. This also includes eco-friendly packaging for our ouside packaging and parcels.

 Soap is a product we use every day so why not make it a treat to use! Soap should not just be about cleansing the skin but also caring for the skin,leaving it feeling moisturised,clean and smelling good. We aim to do this with our whole soap range and each recipe offers something a little different for your skins benefit.

Commercial soaps often remove glycerin from their soaps to use in other products. This means that the soap can make your skin feel dry and strip its natural moisture. However, all of our soaps contain this skin loving glycerin which is mild and gentle and helps your skin stay soft and moisturised. Therefore, when using soaps purchased from us, you should not get that 'tight skin' feeling you can sometimes get with other commercial soaps. 

Once you try glycerin soaps you will notice the difference and we care what we put into our soaps so your skin can benefit from them.All of our ingredients are purchased from top quality suppliers and have been researched thoroughly to fully understand what benefits they will have.


All of our products are suitable from aged 3 upwards and they all

come in eco-friendly packaging.

Sapphire Soaps aim to provide luxurious & unique products that you can afford to use everyday!

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All skincare products made by Sapphire Soaps hold the required Cosmetic Product Safety Assessment Certification required by EU Regulations 1223/2009.

Sapphire Soaps also ensures it holds all required Product Information Files, including details of all ingredients used, batch details, safety data sheets and follows Good Manufacturing Process.